Welcome to Brightwater Virginia.

Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in the crook of the mighty Shenandoah herself, Brightwater seems like an ordinary town. Tourists shop for treasures and antiques at the Golden Bough, townies work in the local distillery, and hikers wander into town to take a break from the Appalachian trail.

However, beneath its quiet facade lurks something else entirely. This small town is full of secrets. There are ritual words muttered into the night, dark pacts made in the eerie silence of the woods, and strange scenes played out at Burnt Creek.
There’s human darkness too. People whisper that the mafia may own more than one business in town. Desperate people cook Meth in their basements in order to make rent. Winthrop Gregory owns half the town, and he makes sure the people here know it. Windows break. Fists strike. Eyes meet. Flesh sinks into flesh. Blinds close. Night beckons.

You are teenagers, barely more than children, living with this town and its secrets, and you have secrets of your own. Maybe you are what goes bump in the night. Maybe you’re just drawn to it. Either way, you’ve set yourself on a collision course with all the darkness that Brightwater has to offer.

Enjoy the ride.

Shenandoah Secrets

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