Evita Smithee

Immaculate. Wide eyes. Lush. Red hair. Beautiful voice.


Always clean. Always. Always wears the same black v-neck T-shirt, loose jeans, and scuffed combat boots. Beautiful, but with an off-putting aura of anger and confusion.

When upset, particularly when she’s unable to hold steady, she tends to flicker, like a candle flame, as if she’s briefly fading in and out of existence. Sometimes, this happens seemingly at random, particularly when she is distracted or sleeping. Sometimes, when asleep, she very briefly appears like someone else entirely.

She is at her most solid when happy, but that seems to happen so very rarely. If unhappy, she sometimes seems blurry or transparent in photos. More commonly, she becomes more solid if she absorbs feelings from another, but that has his its own problems…

Hot 0 Cold -1 Volatile +1 Dark +2
A Blank Canvas
Inhuman Gaze


It started when a lonely young man, a self-proclaimed tulpamancer, decided to create a tulpa for his own sexual gratification, against most advice on the subject. To better focus on the matter of sexuality, he used a sort of tantric meditation.

His attempt went too well. The tulpa, Evita, actually manifested as a physical entity. Because he was too focused on her physical appearance and largely ignored the matter of her mind, she absorbed a lot of his personality, and recoiled when she realized what he was interested in.

Evita stumbled, and knocked over a pile of books. Her creator’s eyes widened; he did not expect her to have an actual physical form. He screamed and fled, and she fled as well, escaping out of her creator’s bedroom window.

She wandered for hours, maybe days. She was lost, and even when, in desperation, she tried to return to her creator, she couldn’t find where she had started. Eventually, she ended up in the homeless shelter.

Her existence has gaps in it, though includes evidence she couldn’t and didn’t create. Her file at school lists her as having parents in the local trailer park, but the address and parents don’t exist, and yet some of the teachers remember talking to them. She has a birth certificate on record, but for a hospital that doesn’t exist. And so on. Gaps and holes, yet the evidence that exists is almost miraculous.

Evita is hollow, unfinished. She knows things like the year and who the President is, but remembers nothing before appearing in that bedroom. She has attached herself to Drake and the Vampire LARP group, in a desperate attempt to attain identity.

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Evita Smithee

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