Pretty, poor girl who dates the bully but is kind to Evita.


Crystal is 5’8", with clear blue eyes, pale skin, and black hair. She radiates an air of vulnerability, especially when George, who she’s dating, is yelling at her.


Crystal is the poorest kid in your homeroom (other than Evita). She lives in the trailer park at the edge of town. She makes some money to help support her family working at the 7-11 a few nights a week. She shares the treats she gets herself there with Evita.

She’s been dating George for a few months now. He’s not very nice to her, but she acts like she doesn’t notice most of the time. About a week ago, there was a rumor that she broke up with him, but then she was out of school for a couple of days, and when she came back, they were together, so that was probably just talk.


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